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Cultivating Good Experiences for Our Customers


To garden is to cultivate. And as gardeners, we know the dedication it takes to nurture a tiny seed into a full grown plant. At Nanny's Backyard Garden, we want to ensure that our customers get the finest quality products and dedicated customer service to ensure that they grow as gardeners. Our goal is to cultivate our relationships with our customers into a blooming relationship full of growth and potential.

Our products are harvested in the area surrounding North Texas as well as in other parts around the country. We only order the finest plants and flowers from reputable dealers and heed the advice of the Texas Agriculture Department. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge on gardening and our passion for plant life is as engrained in our company as a root in the dirt. We are building a small nursery in our backyard to propagate many of those healthy plants ourselves, and we make many of our artificial arrangements with life-like stems to give our customers elegant floral arrangements that they want at reasonable prices. We offer free shipping for our artificial plants and arrangements and we also offer shipping at cost for living plants and flowers.

We want to help our customers create their ideal environment and enhance the look and feel of their homes. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty to try and satisfy our customers' needs; we are gardeners after all.


Katherine Trest